Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A little more work on the bathroom....

I haven't been posting (or reading) for a few days, because I've been L-I-V-I-N'... Nothing exciting by most people's standards, but doing a few projects, hanging with the in-laws, more canning, shopping, spending some time being touristy in my own city - that sort of thing. I had a three-day weekend. I dig it.

Anyway, here's a little post for ya. Josh and I finally got around to spending the Target cards we got for our wedding. It took us a while to figure out what things we really wanted/needed most, but we figured it out. Hey, guess what? We're now official grown-ups with a real coffee maker (before I only had a stovetop espresso pot. I'm not a coffee-every-day person).

We decided to get some things for the bathroom, too. New towel bars, rug, shower curtains, trashcan, etc. It's just minor changes, but we love them.

Sorry you have to look at my feet, but this rug is AWESOME. It looks and feels like cotton balls. L-O-V-E.

Towel Bar:

Waffled shower curtain:

Trash Can (hopefully the dogs won't knock this one over?):

Hand Towel Ring:

They didn't have the matching toilet paper holder - hopefully I will find it today, at a different Target!

Now, if I could just get some new flooring and a new sink!

More posts to come!

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