Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Party photos

In an effort to ignore this flu or whatever that's trying to take me down (and succeeding), I am going to post Halloween Party pictures before it becomes old news.

You seriously do not want to hear the noises my innards are making right now. Please trust me on this.

I tried to snap a pic of everyone when they arrived. Next year I will plan a better backdrop.

Meredith & Tim

Daeon & Kaelyn:

Megan & Emma


Jenbug & Phil

Me, waiting for my husband to rinse the bacon out of his teeth before our picture:

There he is.... and he didn't end up smiling with teeth anyway.

The Bromance continues:

And then Daniel showed up!

And then somehow Josh ended up in Merediths wig:

And I kept drinking the green punch:




Escaped convict attacks local lumberjack with his own axe. Film at 11.


A 'romantical' moment between Tim and Meredith:

Eventually, only Daniel was left standing and he sat in the backyard with Josh and I (who both had changed into our PJS by then - and of course Josh had on his ever-present "Cooters" hoodie that he stole from me) and we talked by the fire into the wee hours.

Someone wasn't too happy the next morning though....

Green punch makes mornings difficult...

And there you have it. Can't wait to do it all again next year.

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