Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend wrap-up in pictures (and a few words).

Friday night the boys (dogs) came home from their dad's house (yes, my ex and I share custody). They were so sweet and loving and happy to be home! Look how happy Jorge looks here, and how he is gazing adoringly at the Bipster.

Saturday we ran some errands, and we also made a stop at World Market (I don't get there as often as I used to). There we bought some stuff for dinner - chorizo, gnocchi, and a butternut squash sauce.

We also got this wonderfully packaged root beer. Unfortunately, it tastes like crap. But I love the bottle!

After errands, we hit the gym (Saturdays are my favorite days there), and cooled off afterwards with a refreshing mango ice from Rita's.

Julio was very lazy that day.

I went out to the garden and found a jalapeno that looked like this:

Looks like some sort of gross bug got to it.

Then I found that all of my cherry tomatoes looked like this. Is it possible for them to burst from the heat?

Sunday we hit the gym again. Sundays are NOT my favorite days there, because the Bipster seems to want me to cardio myself to death. I did nearly 5 miles worth of cardio, then abs, then we hit the pool, hot tub and steam room. Yesterday was the sorest I have been so far from working out. It's been just over a week, so there are no drastic changes in my body or weight yet, but my stomach is not nearly as bloated-looking. I think that's because I am actually utilizing my stomach muscles and they are kind of holding things in. I appreciate you, stomach muscles. I need to get on a stricter diet, especially with the wedding so close. I would like to shed some actual pounds in addition to all this toning.

Yesterday afternoon we decided to do a hair and makeup run-through for the wedding. Josh used to sell Arbonne and actually knows how to apply makeup. Here's what he did to me:

(My hair doesn't look exactly as I planned. It was still kind of wet and not totally straightened. But I am going to wear the headband with some front pieces pulled back.)

I washed off the makeup he did and proceeded to do it myself and see what I could come up with. 20 minutes later, I didn't even look like I had any on!

And I swear I did!

So this is my dilemma. I don't really like to wear heavy makeup. But I need to wear enough that it will actually show up in photos. So I guess I will just keep playing with it for the next few weeks and see what we come up with. Pretty sad that he did a better job than I did!

Here's how I looked after I added some red lipstick and black eyeliner. I liked the way it looked, but Josh is not a fan of lipstick. Especially red. So I gave him a big ol' kiss on the face just for spite... Er, I mean out of love.

Then I washed it all off...

...while Julio watched.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

We spent the rest of the day/evening relaxing, and we had a good dinner made by Bip and watched True Blood.

Tuesday we dye my hair. Eek! So many hair changes in this household lately.

17 days until we leave for Tybee!

19 days until the 'main event'!

Our napkins and such should arrive today. We still have a few more DIY-type things to get done, but for some reason, they're just not getting done. Hmmmm.


  1. Bundaberg is over here (I used to go on holidays there). They make wonderful ginger beer and sarsaparilla but I've never heard of them making root beer - root beer is not drunk or sold here.
    But most of all they're known for making rum. Aah, Bundy rum.

  2. I want to try the ginger beer! We were torn between the root beer and the ginger beer, and we decided to go with root beer since we (usually) love it.