Sunday, August 8, 2010

The only thing I don't like about Sundays... that they are always followed by Mondays!

Other than that, today has been perfect.

This morning, the Bipster fueled himself with some Starbucks, and had his draft for his Fantasy Football (something I will never understand) team.

After that, we cleaned the house and hit the gym. Josh decided to get a gym membership for us last week, and we started going Saturday (yesterday). It has been a long time since I have been so physically active, and I need it badly. Yesterday we did some cardio and he showed me all the different machines and how to use them. Today we did a little cardio to warm up, legs, butt & abs and then we hit the pool! We'll be going on Tuesday and Thursdays before work/school and weekends. I am really excited, and it feels really good, even though I am out of shape. Tuesdays will be arms, Thursdays will be chest and back, Saturdays will be legs, and Sundays will be cardio and the pool. We'll be doing abs every time, and thank the Lord for that, because mine really need help. I have never felt the need to cover up with a one piece bathing suit in my life, but I had to buy one for the Honeymoon... this body is certainly not fit for public display at the moment.

I grabbed some groceries not long ago, and now we're chilling with the dogs before they leave to spend the week with their dad. Then it's time for sushi and True Blood... can't wait! Like I said, I love Sundays.

Less than a month til the wedding... I am so looking forward to being able to call this wonderful man my husband. Not to mention the food, the cake, the people we get to be with, and our cute and colorful little Honeymoon cottage. I am eagerly counting down the days. What a beautiful way to end this summer.

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