Friday, August 20, 2010

Wedding Shoe Saga!

So, I have had this vision of wearing yellow shoes with my wedding dress. Not just any yellow shoes, but the perfect yellow shoes. In my head they have a kitten heel and a rounded toe. Or maybe a slightly higher heel and an peep toe. And they are the perfect buttery shade of yellow.

Problem? They don't exist.

First, I bought these:

And I loved them. I really did. But they just didn't look right with the dress. It's a very closed, conservative shoe, and my dress is strapless and knee length and white and summery. With pockets.:

So, we sent them back.

Josh had his own vision of what my shoes should look like. Strappy, strappy, strappy! Low-heeled. We found a pair on eBay. Bought them. Ugh. The straps start behind my toes and it just looks so odd. I will not be wearing them, needless to say.

Then yesterday, I found what could be the most perfect pair so far, also on eBay:

Problem? They are in Hong Kong and it would take 2-3 weeks to get here. Wedding is two weeks from tomorrow.

So now what? I have googled and searched for weeks now, and still have not found 'the' shoes. At least not the ones that could arrive in time.

I have a pair of yellow flip-flops to wear for the ceremony (I was going to go barefoot, but then I thought about sharp broken shells slicing my feet up on my way down the aisle). Josh is wearing flip-flops the entire time, and thinks I should, too. I would not normally be adverse to this, but he is about a foot taller than me. When we dance, I'd like to be looking into his eyes instead of his belly button.

Wish I could fast forward two weeks and see what I end up with on my feet. Something tells me it's gonna be flip flops.


  1. Flip flops. Less stress. More comfortable. Totally "beachy". Roll with those and all will be well!

  2. I wish I could help with the shoe situation. If it was me, I might just order them and hope they come in on time, but not care if they don't. Those are some SWEET kicks.

    Also, your fiance is a very nice looking man. Good choice.

  3. Noelle - that's probably what's going ot happen.

    Tara - I'm tempted to get them, I really am. They're just so... 'mmmm'!

    And he is quite nice looking. And the kindest person you'd ever want to meet. I've dated far uglier men (inside and out) with far bigger egos. He's truly the greatest.

  4. UM. Can I just say that I freakin' LOVE your dress?!? It's perfect: simple, fun, elegant. Exactly the kind of thing I hope to wear when I get married someday.

  5. Ryan - J.Crew! When I looked at the website today to snag this photo, I saw that some of the colors are marked down to $38!