Friday, August 20, 2010

Daily Photo for 8.20.10 - sticking together

The boys are hanging out with Josh today...

Julio, for being as cute as he is, is not the brightest crayon in the box. He is the most loving little guy you could ever meet. Smells like hot garbage, but he's adorable. He also always feels the need to follow Jorge's lead. When they go outside, especially in the morning, if Jorge is done with his business and ready to go back in, Julio thinks he should be done, too - even if he isn't.

This has led to some poop-in-the-house issues, which Josh has remedied by staying outside with him every morning and gently reminding him "Go poopie, Hoolie."

Well, today I was in the tub when the boys came back in and just a few minutes after Julio had pooped outside, he pooped again in our room! When Josh found it, he brought Julio in to show him and discipline him. It was just a stern reminder to go outside and NOT in the house and a few swats on the butt - nothing hard of course, because Josh is a softie.

Julio's ego was more hurt than anything else (because he is used to having Josh wrapped round his finger, and it breaks his little heart whenever "Poppa" has to set him straight - he gets very dramatic and yelps even if Josh just snaps his fingers at him), but I heard a lot of crying and yelping, certainly more than what you'd expect over some minor poop discipline.

I asked Josh why Julio was crying so much, and he said that Jorge was standing with Julio and everytime Julio cried, Jorge would, too! Now that is some solidarity between brothers! It was sad, but cute at the same time. They both got over it quickly, though.

And even though Jorge hates getting a bath more than just about anything in the world (besides thunderstorms), whenever Julio is getting a bath, Jorge will pop in and 'check' on him (lightning fast, of course, because he doesn't want one, too)!

It's just so fun to see them interact - especially because Jorge wanted nothing to do with Julio for the first year and a half after we got him. I think it's safe to say he loves him now.

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