Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend photos...

It was a pretty productive weekend at Casa Parker, and of course it was all over much to soon!

Saturday morning got off to a delicious start with some sausage biscuits (Old Folks spicy sausage and Pillsbury Grands Buttery Layer biscuits - heck yeah!) and a dark cherry mocha (mmmm) from Starbucks.

Then we headed outside to do some painting for some of our wedding stuff:

We didn't end up painting the trays (at least not yet) because we're not sure if we'll need them. We 'distressed' one of the frames this morning before I left for work, and it looked great! Can't wait to share the finished products...

We then headed to Home Depot for more paint, Hobby Lobby for a glue gun, and Books-A-Million just to fart around for a minute. I found this Graceland Pop-Up book there, and I loved it. Wish I would have gotten it!

Then, it was time to hit the gym! It was legs day, which is usually my favorite, but I was just having a rough time of it for some reason. We did shoulders, too, and abs of course, then we used the hot tub and the pool (wonderful way to end a gym visit, I think).

After that, we stopped at a few liquor stores. I was looking for one wine in particular, but couldn't find it. We bought this one at the first store  we went to:

It's very good! We found two more we wanted to try at the 3rd liquor store, but it started pouring down raining and their credit/debit machines stopped working, so we had to leave empty-handed.
Yesterday morning, breakfast was peppered bacon and Nutella toast.

We watched a little Food Network, then worked for a couple hours on making tags for the baskets and printout for the frames.
Then, it was gym-time again!

Sundays are cardio days, and man, it's a killer! Especially since my knee/leg has started hurting again within the last few days. I switched it up a bit - started with the treadmill, moved on to the bike, and finished with a couple minutes on the elliptical before I was ready to keel over. Did a little bit of abs after that, and then into the loving and welcoming arms of the hot tub and pool again. That was the only thing that got me through yesterday - I kept thinking "After this I can sit in the hot tub!!"
Post-gym, we made a quick Target run, then back home again for a very late lunch/early dinner:

(Not healthy at all, but delicious!)
Then it was time to relax for a few hours before watching True Blood and going to bed. Weekends just go by too quickly! I just gotta make it through this week, and then I only have to work 3 days next week before heading off to Tybee!
That reminds me, still gotta find a necklace...


  1. such pretty pictures!! i love the wicker baskets.

  2. Dark cherry mocha sounds amazing!
    Also, that's what biscuits are over there. Americans are always telling me they are not what they are here.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Amy- thanks!

    Kaimoana - aren't biscuits where you are just hard cookies? Or am I wrong? Here biscuits are (hopefully) soft and fluffy and are good for making breakfast sandwiches, or just topping with butter and jam.