Monday, April 12, 2010

Perfect Weekend, Part 1 (SATURDAY)

This beautiful spring weather makes life sweeter in every way. Nashville is a beautiful city, any way you look at it, but Nashville in spring, especially, is just breathtaking. All the flowering trees, the way the leaves pop up on the trees overnight, so many different shades of green everywhere. Just lovely!

We live in a Historic neighborhood I love... my favorite neighborhood, actually. However, we're kind of on the non-pretty side of things... but we sat on our porch yesterday and marveled at just how beautiful our street looked. That's the magic of spring in Nashvegas... it even makes the not-so-pretty beautiful.

But, back to our super fun Saturday. Josh and I have been talking about going on a picnic pretty much since we met. I have a really great picnic basket and blanket (and matching wine carrier), but it's a little on the fancy side, and I had visions of something a little more casual for our first picnic. I found a great, colorful basket at Target for $15 that was perfect. So, on Saturday we put a quilt in it and headed to Green Hills. After a quick stop to browse Anthropologie, we went to The Food Company. It's not the cheapest place for picnic food by ANY means, but their Turkey sandwiches just can't be beat, and I had such a craving for them! We bought sandwiches and chips and dessert and drinks and headed to Centennial Park. I will let the pictures do the rest of the picnic-talking for me!

(Our next picnic, we'll be going to Arrington Vineyards, using the fancy basket, and I'll make some really yummy stuff from scratch. But casual picnics like this one are wonderful, too!)

Once we were done eating and enjoying, we headed over to Hillsboro Village to go to the park over there. I don't know the real name of it, I call it "Dragon Park" because of the gigantic mosaic dragon that is there. It makes a great backdrop for photos, as do all the flowering trees. It was beautiful and Josh had never been there (though he was born and raised in Nashville), so I was excited to show him the Dragon!

(I love the above picture)

The Dragon in it's entirety:

Below is probably my favorite picture I took this weekend:

I messed with it in Picnik a little, and I like the way it looks like this, too...

Bip took this awesome photo below... love it. iphones take such great photos, especially the "Shake It" app. How did we ever live without it?

On our way back home, we stopped by our local Home Depot to see if they had the new Martha Stewart paint colors out yet (they didn't). We weren't ready to stop our marvelous day yet, so we decided to top it all off with some vanilla frozen custard with hot fudge (Bip) and a mango ice (me) from Rita's.

We capped off our Saturday with some reading material and a long nap. Truly a perfect day.... Sunday was just as good, maybe even better. More on that next post!

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  1. what a perfect day and great pictures!! definitely do the arrington vineyard picnic soon, its fabulous, and you get a free wine tasting!