Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Let's see if I can get another post written in between sneezes....

In the midst of our outdoor planting frenzy a couple of weeks ago, we haphazardly scattered some sunflower and daisy seeds along the side of the garage. The house is 82 years old, and Josh seems to think that the garage is original to the house. It may be - there are a couple more on the street just like it. It has a very solid foundation, but some of the boards need replaced and it needs a coat of paint like yesterday! Hopefully we'll get to the outside of it within the next year (the inside is going to be even more fun, but it's a ways off yet), but in the meantime, we thought some mixed sunflowers growing up against the weathered boards would at least be charming.

However, every time we went out to water the sunflower seeds, we'd see little holes where the dang squirrels were digging them up. Just about the time we had given up on having anything grow there, we noticed sprouts. SPROUTS! So, it looks like we may have some sunflowers growing after all...

I probably get way more excited about these kinds of things than the average person.

As far as "how does our garden grow", everything seems to be hanging in there. The basil is visibly growing, and everything else is still alive. Nothing sprouting where the asparagus and pumpkins are planted yet, though.


In other news, we've been re-arranging the garage, sorting through things for the Yard Sale that is FINALLY GOING TO HAPPEN! Of course, I had hoped it would happen sooner, but it's just easier to get things done in the spring weather. Now that the days are longer and the weather is still somewhat mild and not too hot, I find myself all sorts of motivated.

Not to mention that we're less than two weeks away from our IKEA trip and NEW FURNITURE, so I am anxious to get everything else ready to get the H out. I'm the type that gets easily emotionally attached to stuff, even when I don't need it, thinking it might be perfect somewhere "someday". But I am overcoming that, because right now I am more emotionally attached to the idea of what my house can be - someday very soon - with all the extraneous stuff out of it.

May 8th is our community yard sale, and we have a lot of stuff to say farewell to... looking forward to it! Also looking forward to sharing the upcoming progress as our house becomes more of a home... Anyone want to help me try to talk the Bip into this floor lamp for our living room??


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  1. I love you, but the lamp from outer space is not going in the house!