Thursday, April 22, 2010

How does our garden grow??

Do you know what this is?? It's a pumpkin seed that has sprouted!

And here are two more! Out of the 6 pumpkin seeds we planted, 3 are up already!

And now, check out the photo below. See all those sprouts.... dozens and dozens of them.... SUNFLOWERS!

The day we planted everything....

And how it looks today... 10 days later.

Filling out quite nicely, yes?

Look at the Dill and Broccoli!

And of course look at the basil!!


 It's so stinkin beautiful! We're so excited.


  1. Does the red pepper keep deer away?? I would love to plant a garden but we have so many animals!! I know they would steal my asparagus, and then I would be so ANGRY with them!! :)

  2. Some googling indicates that it would work for deer, but here is a page I found with some good tips!

    Keep in mind with asparagus that you can't eat it for 3 seasons anyway. We can't eat ours until 2012! So the sooner you plant it, the sooner you can eat it. In the meantime just let it grow and don't cut it back(and there is supposed to be a fern that grows with it, up to 3-4 feet tall). Eventually (I a couple of years) the whole little plot we have now might be all asparagus, because once it gets going it gets crazy!