Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Abandoned nests and changed plans....

As soon as we got above freezing temperatures, I bought two ferns for my porch. Immediately, birds built nests in both of them. Both were abandoned, one with an egg in it (sad!). In the meantime, my ferns croaked (I couldn't risk drowning baby birds). Over the weekend, I decided I had waited long enough for the irresponsible birdie parents to come back. I took down the ferns, removed the nests, cut all the dead leaves out, and took the ferns out back and doused them with lots of water and Miracle-Gro. I fear I'm too late to resuscitate, but it's worth a try! And next year I won't hang plants until nest building season is over.

While I'm on the subject of plants, of course I have to talk about our garden. Everything is doing beautifully. We lost some yellow squash plants due to critters. I don't know if we lost them all, because we planted them next to the zucchini, and at this stage of things, they look exactly the same! Doh!

Our three little asparagus stalks are over a foot tall and branching out. I don't know if this is going to turn into the fabled 'asparagus fern' that is supposed to come and grow up to three feet tall or not. This is our first time, so we're learning as we go. We're also getting some good rain lately, which has done more for everything growing than our liberal waterings and feedings ever could. Sunflowers are good.

I found out that the mystery plant in my backyard

is a peony!

We stumbled on the answer by accident while browsing Home Depot over the weekend for more plants (planted dasies, mint, oregano & poppies in containers on the back deck). I am so glad that we decided against cutting it. There is even another one coming up right next to it now!

It wasn't there last year, and I am thinking that perhaps it was mowed down before I moved in in June. Maybe being dormant so long is why it is growing with a vengeance now? Can't wait until it blooms... I bet they will smell heavenly. The only problem is that we will have to transplant them once we add the patio... that's not going to happen right away, of course, but I just hope they will be ok. You can't beat beautiful blooming flowers that take no work!

Believe it or not, there is more going on in our lives than just worrying about gardening. Our wedding plans have been changed and we're so excited bout them! We ditched the Vegas wedding and Mexico honeymoon and decided instead to do it all on Tybee Island. This way we can have more people there and an actual gathering and mingling of our families. We'll have a few close friends, too. And we still get our beach, but I don't have to get on a plane! You have no idea how happy that makes me. Plus it's going to cost the same (maybe less) than we originally budgeted for our elopement/honeymoon, and we get a 'real' party.

We were really excited about the plans we did have, but we're both even more excited now. We're waiting to hear back on if our first choice of reception venue is available. The wedding will be on the beach. The dress I had picked out is not going to work with the new plan, but I've found a couple of light, breezy dresses that could be perfect. We're going to have lots of sunflowers and good food, while keeping things very casual and summery. We've found the perfect honeymoon cottage (waiting for a call back about that, too), and we couldn't be happier about this change of plans. We're only going to get to be there a few days (Fri-Tues) because of Josh's school schedule. The actual 'honeymoon' is only going to be about two days long (Sunday and Monday... we'll drive home on Tuesday), but I know it's going to be the greatest mini-honeymoon of all time. If anyone can pack a ton of love and fun into a short amount of time, it's us.

And the most drool-worthy part? The 'specialty' beach wedding cake of the place we're using is POUND CAKE WITH BUTTERCREAM ICING. Yum, yum yum!

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