Monday, August 8, 2011


My dearest bro-in-law arrived in town on Saturday from CO and stayed with us for the night. He is doing some training for his job in KY, but we were lucky enough to have him in TN for a couple of days.

Several of us went out to eat Saturday night at Battered and Fried. I had a fried scallop sushi roll. My heavens, it was so good I wish I had never tasted it, because now I just want to eat it again!

(here's our group minus me and two others)

After dinner, everyone came back to our house to hang on the porch and drink beer and tell stories. Which means our fridge looked like this:

We have tons leftover, too bad I don't like beer.

And speaking of our porch, we finally got the glider put together... I love sitting in it and watching the hoodlums go by.

Here's a shot of it the evening we put it together:

And here is how it looks in the daytime:

Love it! The pillows are made of napkins from World Market. I got two different patterns for the big pillows so they are reversible, and one of each pattern for the bolsters. Now we just need a porch swing (and a couple more pillows) for the other side of the porch.

Sunday was a very lazy day...

I can't resist sharing this picture... Julio stole Pablo's "chewie", and when I went to take a picture, Pablo came up next to me and Julio bared his little teeth because he didn't want Pablo to take it back.

Josh took Bo, the neighbor dog, to the vet to get fixed this morning. Here is a picture of him and Pablo (BFF's!) from Friday:

I think his new home is going to work out. He's adjusting.

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  1. hahaha i love the second to last picture! it is priceless! looks like a cartoon dog who is being really sneaky :)