Monday, August 15, 2011


Josh and I bought some "LACK" shelves from IKEA last April or May. It was always my intent to use them in the living room to add some accessories and bring more colors into the room, but instead they got shoved under the bed in the spare room for a year and a half.

I just was not happy with the way things were looking above the couch.

Just that clock there and all that yawning wall space, waiting for something. The more I brought up the shelves, the less Josh wanted to hang them, at one point even claiming "aesthetic differences." So I told him I would just ask our friend Chad to do it while he was camping. He thought I was kidding, but no. Chad works cheap - he'll do just about anything for some salad and chicken burgers. I even threw in some yummy dilled potatoes, too.

After a little debate on the best configuration for hanging and how high (we hung them fairly high for the purpose of maximum head-clearance for tall couch-sitters like my husband), we decided on a plan and Chad started drilling and screwing and hanging.

I started making lunch.

Here is the finished product:

Josh likes them, and I am enjoying figuring out what to put on them and thinking about how I'll get to change them up seasonally as well. I really enjoyed the fun shelves at my last apartment:

But I think these will be decorated a little more sparingly. We shall see how it all ends up. This is where I am at with them as of this morning:

They are a work in progress. Like myself and the rest of the house!


  1. Love them. And the "work in progress" comment. :)

  2. LOVE it. I've been eyeing those very same shelves at Ikea for quite a long time.