Friday, August 5, 2011

I love my 'hood

Even though I live on the not-so-good side of the neighborhood (for now), there are still many blessings over here! I've been getting more involved with neighborhood things and getting to know more people (several on my side of the hood who are as passionate as I am about making this place the best possible place to live). I even volunteered at our local "Night Out Against Crime" (which is a Nationwide event - did you attend yours?) to work in our Neighborhood Watch booth. It was a blast!

Here's Pablo, doing his own version of Neighborhood Watch:

He's available should they ever need a mascot. His motto is "Tough on Crime... and Squirrels!"

Yesterday was election day, and this was my first time voting in anything other than a presidential election.

I have gotten to know my council person (who was a resident of my neighborhood for 25+ years and is still a great participant in making the Village such a great place to live), and my vote helped him get re-elected (though he really didn't need it, he won by a landslide!), I also cast my vote ro re-elect our mayor (not that he really had much competition, but it feels good to know the person *I* voted for is serving the great city of Nashville), and I educated myself on the issue with the fairgrounds and was able to make an informed vote on that as well. That whole "knowledge is power" thing is not just a rumor, folks! ;)

In other news, I don't think I mentioned it much on here, but our next door neighbors (renters) were just awful people. Awful to each other, their kids, their dog. I can't tell you how many nights I worried myself sick over that dog because he was not getting proper care. Josh and I really did what we could, but our options were pretty limited. Our neighbors across the street are also dog lovers and really did a lot for him, too. More than us, but the neighbors liked them more! Haha. Joy of joys, the bad neighbors moved to a different state this week and gave their dog to our neighbors across the street. Not only did my life instantly feel more peaceful the moment they left, but I no longer have to worry about the dog getting proper care. Since the dog never had his shots, got neutered or anything else, Josh and I decided to pitch in on getting him up to par, since we are so grateful for our neighbors for giving him a home. He will be getting fixed on Monday, and he's already gotten his shots this week. It may be a long road to get him settled, so send good thoughts. He's very confused as to the change in his living situation and he's never really had any training or a proper home. He has gotten out of his fence several times. Yesterday I came home to find him in his old back yard. It's sad, but I hope we can all work together to get him acclimated to his new and better life. I think our great neighbors deserve some homemade cookies or something this weekend, don't you?

Even the backyard sunsets are more beautiful with the restored peacefulness on our block!

Though we may not technically be on the 'good side', our blessings are no less bountiful.

Have a great weekend!

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