Wednesday, August 3, 2011


It's been nearly a week since I read blogs or updated mine. I am not doing a very good job of chronicling my life lately!

My mom and Aunt were visiting from Thursday night through Monday morning, so I spent those days cooking, cleaning and playing tour guide. I'm still whooped from all that! Friday we shopped all day, and man, those two can shop! We had lunch at the little restaurant down the street that day. Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market in the morning,  Loveless Cafe  for lunch and then to the Hermitage... and then more shopping. Sunday I made a hearty breakfast and then we went downtown to walk around, stopped in at a Honky Tonk (Legends, my favorite), had lunch at Demos', and then spent a little time just hanging around the house. I made a huge dinner that night. Unfortunately, it was ungodly hot all weekend, and since my stove was working overtime and my husband likes to keep the thermostat at a toasty 78 degrees, it was hotter than Hades both inside and out.

I usually eat fairly light on the weekends, so I felt unusually stuffed between all the home cooking and mid-day eating out.

I was so busy playing hostess, I didn't really take any pictures aside from a few at the Hermitage. Weird that I've lived practically down the street from it most of the years I've lived in Tennessee, but I've never been. No pictures allowed inside, but I did grab a few on the grounds and in the garden.

My mom also brought me/us new vintage looking metal porch furniture for my birthday/our anniversary. We have the two chairs and table put together, we just need to finish the glider. Can't wait to take photos of it to share! I got some cute napkins from World Market that my mom made into outdoor pillows for me to go on them. Just took a little fabric glue, stuffing and scotchguard! I used two patterns, so the big pillows are reversible. Very inexpensive and I will probably make more.

My mom also hung up my new-to-me vintage kitchen curtains from my MIL.

I have valances on this kitchen window facing the backyard and on the back door window, and then panels and a valance on the side window. I need to get some ribbon to tie the panels back with, and then I will share a photo of that.

Here's one last little photo... on the left is a grape tomato from the store, on the right is a grape tomato from my garden... a little bigger than a grape, huh??

I kept noticing my tomatoes disappearing and I have figured out why. Pablo is picking them and using them as little balls to play with outside. That goober!

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