Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July weekend...

...It started with a bang and ended with a whimper!

Saturday morning we got up and headed to the gym to tackle back to back classes - Zumba and Total Body (weights). This was our second time doing these consecutively on a Saturday and I hope we continue to do it. I'm not a cardio person and I'm also not a coordinated person, so you may be asking why I do Zumba. The answer is because as awful as I am at it, I can always look around the room and see people doing worse than I. So it's comforting... plus, I need the cardio. ;) As for Total Body, I really enjoy it, even though the chest excercises kill me and I tend to lean to one side all the time. My right arm is just not as strong as my left, it appears.

I was also excited to burn all those calories so we could try out the new restaurant that opened at the end of our street.

It used to be called "Maisie's" and there are still remnants of it's "Maisie's" days around...

It had been empty for a couple of years now, and every time I drove by, I would sigh. I would love to run a little place like this. Maybe someday? Who knows.

We had to wait a while to order and eat, because when the owner came in that morning, nothing was working, and this was only their 3rd day of being open! So, things were backed up a little, but we got to meet and talk with a fellow neighbor, so that was nice. Plus, Josh was happy with his sweet tea that was served in a canning jar.

Trying out the new restaurant in our village. Iced tea in Mason jars!

I meant to take more pictures, but I guess I forgot. I had biscuits with chocolate gravy and bacon. (See why we went to the gym first?) It was delicious.

I think the rest of our Saturday was pretty low-key.

Sunday, we were still lazy. My back (kidney area - hoping it's not stones) has been hurting me the last few days and I was just not feeling totally myself. In the afternoon we went to Tim and Meredith's for a cookout. Once again, I failed with the picture taking. This was the only one I took. I just thought it was cute to see the back of their house reflected in my sunglasses.

I put two cheesebugers and an ear of corn in my belly, and then left to go to an appointment I had with a... I don't know what the word is. Spiritual advisor? Counselor? I'm not sure what to call her, really. I've struggled with anxiety and insomnia for nearly 12 years and I'm getting pretty sick of it. I've tried throwing pills at it, and regular old therapy, but yoga has triggered something in me that made me feel like I should try a more spiritual route. That's kind of tricky, because I don't really pigeonhole myself into one category when it comes to religion. I'm open to everything, and I strongly believe in God. I just think there are a lot of paths to the Source, and I'm trying to find the best one for me.

So this was my first, and possibly only meeting with this person. Not that it wasn't helpful, because it was. She put a different frame on some situations for me, so I could look at them differently, and encouraged me to talk more with God and listen to Him more. It was very helpful and I think what I needed to guide me into whatever I do next. It's difficult because I feel like I know everything I need to know to "fix" it, but I am just unsure of how to go about implementing it. Next I may try a massage therapy session that is supposed to balance my chakras, and also accupuncture. As ridiculous as this may sound, I also bought some guided meditation apps for my phone, and that has been helping with my nighttime anxiety and sleeplessness.

Okay, so that was all a little too personal, but there it is.

Saturday evening I caught up on some reading and TV with my beloved beside me. Lounging in bed with books, tv and/or each other happens too rarely these days!

Yesterday, I woke up sick to my stomach and was sick all darn day. We cleaned the house and then I took a nap and managed to go to the store later in the day, but much of the day was spent in bed, watching a Twilight Zone marathon on the SyFy channel.

Twilight Zone marathon

We were invited to a couple of 4th of July events, and I gave Josh my blessing to go ahead and go without me, but he opted to stay home, and I have to say I was secretly happy with that. He had a 3 day break from classes and homework and it was nice to feel "normal" and go to bed at the same time and watch some junk tv together.

I'm not feeling 100% yet, and my back is still bothering me, but here I am. Grateful for the short work week and counting down until my next nap!

Pilates tonight!

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  1. I hope you feel better soon! :( So sweet of him to stay home with you, but i'm sorry you weren't up for it!

    I lean to one side too - I swear my entire right half of my body is stronger, more flexible, etc.