Thursday, July 14, 2011

The fruits (or vegetables) of our labor.

Our garden has just recently started going crazy. Well, on second thought our lettuce got out of control a looooooong way back. And our asparagus (which is only in it's 2nd season so we're letting it grow and not harvesting until next year) is probably taller than me. It's just our peppers and tomatoes that are going crazy now.

The garden is starting to go crazy....

In addition to these peppers pictured, there are dozens more growing that just weren't quite ready for the pickin' yet. And my tomatoes... holy cow. I bought one - just ONE - small grape tomato plant. However, the tomatoes on it are not grape sized at all - they're about the size of romas! And the plant has went crazy, spreading out everywhere and wrapping around other plants, like the asparagus. None of them are ripe yet, but it looks like many will be at the same time (I'd say there are at least 20-30 on the plant right now).

If I can get them and my peppers to be ripe at the same time, I think there may be some salsa canning in my future! If not, I found a great recipe for making hot sauce in my favorite canning book, and I may give it a try. I am itching to get canning again!


  1. our tomatoes are insane! I wish i'd grown more peppers - next year!

  2. I had no luck with tomatoes last year, so this is a nice surprise. Our jalapenos were nuts last year, but we double the amount this year anyway - I think we're just comforted by the fact that we can grow them really well - we sure as heck don't eat them all!