Monday, July 25, 2011

Great week and weekend!

Life has just been fun lately.

Josh ordered me my favorite birthday cake from my favorite bakery - Sweet and Sassy! They have this fudgy icing that I absolutely adore. I'm a big advocate of homemade cakes for birthdays (for other people) because it means more when you make the effort, I think. But for my birthday, personally, I need Sweet and Sassy's fudge icing, or it's just not the same!

Bday cake- Josh had them put flowers, cards and balloons on it because every time he checks the mail I ask if we got any flowers, cards or balloons!

Now to explain the cake decor. Josh calls me "Foo Foo Shnickens", hence the "Happy Birthday Foo Foo" part. As for the rest of it... I call Josh every day on my drive home from work and I almost always (ok, ALWAYS) ask if we got any good mail (I have a lot of magazine subscriptions, so getting one constitutes a "good mail" day for me). If he says no, I always reply "What? No flowers, cards or balloons?" So he made sure that my birthday cake had flowers, cards, AND balloons on it! Sweet, huh?

Saturday evening we had Tim and Meredith over to eat some cake with us. We also grilled out and of course I got some good cheese and crackers. Perhaps one of my favorite things about having people over is an excuse to go buy some good cheese from Whole Foods. This time I got my favorite blue (Shropshire), a wonderful gouda (Van Gogh), and another wonderful, buttery cow's milk cheese called Amadeus.

Tim and Meredith both had birthdays last week, so I got to give them their gifts as well. Gosh, I love buying birthday gifts!!

July Birthday Peeps:

Waiting on my cake:

Horribly unflattering photo of me, but my husband can certainly rock a t-shirt!

Any guesses as to what I wished for?

Yesterday, we went to Josh's Aunt's pool. The water was perfect, but I still ended up a little crispy. Ouch!

You can never have too many flotation devices!!

I greatly enjoyed floating around... it was worth the sunburn!

Tomorrow is my actual birthday, so I am taking the day off. No concrete plans, but I do want to hit the gym and just kind of enjoy life a bit. My mom and aunt come into town on Thursday, so I am going to have a busy weekend. Next Monday, when they leave, I'd like to do some canning, but that really depends on how worn out I am after the weekend!


  1. Hi Shawna! It's Gina from poor ol' LJ. I bookmarked your blog a while back, so I thought I'd just pop in and say hi. And happy birthday, too!

  2. How are you?? I haven't logged into LJ in forever, I really should do that! I never did get to see pictures of your cute little house!