Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weight Watchers - getting started!

So, my biggest goal for 2011 was to get started on WW once we went to the grocery store and got loaded up with groceries*. I made a meal plan over the weekend, and Josh went to the store yesterday (love having him out of school for a bit! Everyone needs an errand boy).

Last night, I made my first WW recipe. Cheese-stuffed chicken burgers. I have a different version of chicken burgers I ususally make, but these were a bit different than what I usually do, and stuffed with cheese, too. They were served on whole-wheat english muffins instead of the whole wheat buns I usually use (just following the darn recipe). Without the cheese they would have been pretty flavorless, but with the cheese (which was mixed with dijon mustard), they were pretty good. I usually add chili powder to my recipe, and I think I will with these next time I make them. They were 8 points, which is a good chunk of my daily allowance (I can have 18 points a day). Here they are:

After dinner, I got started on what will be my lunch for a couple of days. It's a tuna/white bean and lemon salad. The recipe called for raw onions and tomatoes, too, but I left them out since I'm not a fan. It has (obviously), tuna, white beans, lemon zest and lemon juice in it, and also some celery and salt and pepper. It's quite good and I am just going to put it over lettuce. I wish I would have thought to add some pampered chef dill mix to it, too - that would have been good. Next time. This recipe is 3 WW points.

I packed it in my new lunch bag I got for Christmas from my mom:

When I weighed myself this morning, I got a nice surprise - I was 2 lbs lower than  I was the last time I weighed myself (about a week and a half or so ago), which means I actually lost weight over the holidays! Obviously, I still need to keep going, but it was so nice to be down a little as I start this journey.

*I have not actually 'joined' WW and I will not be attending meetings, etc. Just doing this on my own. Through google you can find how to calculate the number of points you can have per day, and I found a great iphone app called "myfoodcalc" that helps you calculate the points in food. Right now I am using actual WW recipes from their cookbooks, just so I can get a feel for things. Enjoying it so far!

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