Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Poor Little Julio

My sweet Hooptie-Boy went to the vet on monday for a "makeover" - he got his shots updated, nails trimmed, his man parts removed (eek!), and his teeth cleaned. Poppa (The Bipster) was in charge of dropping him off and picking him up since I was at work. This is the photo that was sent to me.

Does it not just break your heart? I was NOT expecting the cone! When Jorge got fixed they used dissolving stitches... not so with this one. And he has to wear it for 2 weeks! He gets it caught on everything... doorways, furniture, our legs... and when he is outside sniffing for a good place to go, it tends to act as a leaf-scooper, as well! :/

Julio ALWAYS has a smug little dog-smile on his face, but the surgey wiped it clean off. I wondered if he'd ever get it back. He cried so much at first. Here he is all teary eyed when I asked him where his Brother was (Jorge is with my ex while Julio recovers):

The epitome of misery

Here's a video that will break your heart:

But the GOOD news is, last night he was doing so much better! His smile was back, he's eating and drinking again, and he even brought me one of his toys when I came home.

You can't keep a good dog down!

Yesterday, while at Kroger on my lunch break, my friend Julie found this card and showed it to me - great timing! We laughed and laughed over it.



Get well soon, Julio!


  1. AWESOME CARD! Poor puppy, I hope he feels better soon!

  2. Poor Julio! Glad he's getting better. He's in my daily prayers!

    Loved the video. hahaha But, it IS so sad.