Friday, January 7, 2011

The Language Barrier


Either I'm losing my hearing or I married a mumbler.While I'm leaning toward the latter, he believes the former.

Whenever we're on the phone, the one word consistently coming out of my mouth is "huh?" - I swear, it sounds like he is gargling marbles! He says no one else has a problem hearing him, I say maybe that's because they're too polite to ask "huh?" every other sentence.

Yesterday was a classic example of this... I was talking to him, Dwight Yokam came up in conversation (don't act like you never talk about him), and he said he watched a movie with him in it that day. I said "Which one?" and I swear to the Heavens he replied "Hannah Groom." I'd never heard of it, thought he was watching some low-budget independent film or something.

Turns out he was saying "Panic Room."


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