Monday, January 31, 2011

Daily photos 1.28-1.30 and weekend update

1.28 Night Market at the Nashville Farmer's Market.

Where else can you find gems like this?

We ate Nachos from  the Mexican Restaurant inside the Market House. I know nachos don't exactly scream Farmer's Market, but the Hubbin had a craving.

And then he had a craving for a cupcake. And later, a piece of peanut pie.

Needless to say, he doesn't complain when I ask him to go to the Farmer's market with me.

1.30 Oh, Saturday held such promise at first. I went on a nice walk with Meredith. That's where I snapped these photos.

It all went rapidly downhill after that. I don't want to get to into detail and dwell, so here's the short version: I need to trade in my car. Soon. It's a piece of crap. As for why I ended up with it and how upside-down I am on it, if I tell ya that story I'll get mad all over again, when I really need to be in forgiveness mode. Anyway, let's just say we found a car we were very interested in, but it was an hour and 15 minutes away. We called the dealership, told them we already had the financing in hand (which we do - they didn't even have to worry about financing us), and we asked if the price was negotiable. They said yes. We told them the numbers we were looking for, including the amount we needed for trade-in (which still leaves me upside down on the vehicle, BUT it was not an outrageous amount we asked for, it was an amount we had been offered for it at another dealership and very much in keeping with the BlueBook value). They called us back and told us it was very doable and they should be able to get us very close to the numbers we wanted, if not exactly. The Bipster said he'd go down there Monday (today) to see about it. But no, they kept calling us and calling us, wanting to get the deal done that day. So even though Josh had other things he needed to be doing, we drove down there. And you know what? Not only did they not come ANYWHERE CLOSE to the numbers we had talked about, they also refused to change the price of the vehicle. They would not go down even one dollar. I mean seriously??? And they offered waaaay less on my vehicle than the previous dealership we had been at did. I have never seen such uncooperative people in my life. And then when we left they didn't even apologize for anything... they were just like "See ya!" OMG, we were fuming. So we basically wasted a whole beautiful (65 degrees!) sunny day when we could have actually done something fun and not frustrating.

1.29 car wash
Car wash

I think I'm just going to hang onto my current hunk o' junk until I pay it down more, even though a newer vehicle would save us about $100 per month in payments and insurance. I'm literally pissing money away on this thing.

Anyway, we looked at a couple more vehicles elsewhere, but found nothing we really wanted, and then I went home and promptly got a headache which was still hanging around on Sunday. After a nap on Sunday, I felt some better and went to the grocery store. When I got home, Josh asked me to come in the office, where there was an overpowering gas odor. Great. Think that explains my headache? So we called the gas company, who came out and confirmed we had a leak. However, they couldn't fix it because it's not one of their lines, it is part of the HVAC itself. Grrr! Thankfully, we had two large electric heaters in the garage to bring in and keep us toasty last night, and hopefully the problem will be fixed today.

The highlight of a somewhat-disappointing weekend was last night's dinner.

1.30 Weight Watcher's shrimp sandwiches:

So good that the Bipster ate two of them, AND claimed the leftovers for himself. He has no mercy!

Looking forward to tonight's dinner, too. And no more thinking about or dealing with car salespeople for a looong while!

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