Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wedding/Honeymoon post #4 - the aftermath.

I think I only have two posts to do after this to get caught up on our wedding and honeymoon stuff. I want to make sure I document it, though, because it was a wonderful time!

I realized I never posted a photo of my wedding shoes...


My wedding shoes that looked funny because I didn't adjust the strap to fit right, and only wore for 5 minutes. I realized I much prefer dancing barefoot!

After the wedding, Chad put us back in our electric chariot and carted us back to our cottage, for a romantic interlude (Chad didn't stick around for that, don't worry). Our friends did all the cleanup at the Guard House, loaded up their own vehicles with our gifts and decor and such, we didn't have to do a thing. It was so nice and so appreciated. We have great people in our lives, for sure.

There was a little after party at Mimosa Cottage, and after some quality time together, Josh and I headed over there, and opened gifts.




We didn't stick around too long, as we were both worn out and wanting a little bit more time alone together to soak it all in.

The next morning, Josh and I again went to The Sugar Shack for breakfast. He looked ridiculously handsome.

Later that morning, we caught up with Chad, Kristen & Donald for some beach time. We watched some dolphins play, walked around, explored, etc.

This guy washed up beside me as I was sitting at the edge of the water. He was still alive, so I threw him back after his photo shoot.

Later that night we met up with our crew again (Tim, Meredith, LeAnn, Julz, Donald, Kristen and Chad) and all went to the Crab Shack for dinner. Great food (although it made me sick later that evening - I think I just had seafood overload). It was a cool place, they even had alligators you could feed.

Josh & Donald about to feed the gators:

My meal:

Josh's meal:

Bonus photo: Paula Deen owns a house on Tybee - here it is! She rents it out as a vacation home when she is not there.

It was right around the corner from our cottage.

After dinner, everyone came to our place to grab lawn chairs and we walked two blocks to the beach and watched some fireworks!

By the time that was over, I was feeling quite poorly, but I went to Mimosa Cottage to hang out for a little bit and say farewell to our little group - they were all leaving the next morning (Monday). Then I went home to get some rest... Josh stayed a little longer to hang out with everyone. We had such a great time with everyone - it truly made a special time for us even more so. We're blessed!

Next up - Savannah!

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