Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Things I am looking forward to:

1. The weekend. Is it the weekend yet?

2. Buying some fall clothes (I donated most of mine, and it's starting to get chilly. Momma needs some pants!)

3. Buying some new Essie nail polishes for fall. Little Brown Dress and Sew Psyched:

4. Trying two new recipes from the "Put Em Up" book: Chili-Tomato Jam (it's supposed to be excellent on cornbread), and Peach butter. Hopefully I will have time this weekend or next for that...

5. Putting up Fall/Halloween decorations this weekend. Cobwebs, lots of crazy pumpkins, mums, the whole deal.

6. Perhaps procuring more books on canning and infusing, since I'm in the mood and we're doing mostly homemade Christmas gifts this year (we found the cutest bottles to put the vodkas in, and I can't wait to locate all my crafting stuff so I can make cute labels). These books are at the top of my list:

7. Once I have all my canning and preserving done, I can start thinking about assembling gift baskets! This is one of my favorite things to do at Christmas. It's great for the hard-to-buy-for crowd... everyone loves homemade goodies. Last year I made assorted cookies (sugar, no-bakes, gingerbread and choc/peanut butter fudge), beer bread, and homemade strawberry jam for everyone's baskets. Here is one from last year:
first finished gift basket of the season

8. Before it gets too cold, painting and "re-knobbing" a dresser for the bedroom and a small buffet for second bedroom. This is the buffet. It's hideously folk-art painted at the moment:
picked this up at a garage sale in the neighborhood...
I got it at a yard sale about 6 years ago... it's been in storage for 5 of those years, and surprise surprise, I haven't gotten around to painting it yet. I would love to tackle the painting projects this weekend. Of course, Lord only knows if or when I will ever get around to doing my dining table and chairs, which need it oh-so-badly. But we need the dresser and the buffet the most right now (buffet will become storage for extra bath linens and such).

9. Planning a menu and costumes for a small Halloween Cocktail Party we are hosting... I adore Halloween and small get-togethers with good people in costume!

While I am a Summer girl at heart, I love what fall brings - the hearty & homey foods, and the Holidays that come one right after another - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years. So much to look forward to this year as I celebrate properly with my new husband in a house that feels a little more homey each day!

Many things to be grateful for!!

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