Thursday, September 30, 2010

Red Hot Vodka!

Today is tasting day for this Jalapeno vodka I am infusing for my friend LeAnn to use in her Bloody Marys. It only needs 2-3 days to infuse. Tomorrow we get to taste test the pear vodka and see if it needs an extra two days, and Sunday the strawberry vodka will be ready!

I ordered these two books yesterday for more inspiration:

I'm very excited to get some more ideas and get cracking on homemade xmas gifts!

And today I am wearing new pants which is very exciting! They fit! All of my fall/winter clothes were on their last legs (some long past their expiration) last year, but I just couldn't afford anything new. Josh promised me I could get some new clothes this year if I just stuck it out last year. So I did, and I have a few new things right now and more on the way. Very excited and appreciative.

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