Thursday, September 23, 2010

Recent Reads

Even though I have an entire room of my house devoted to books (although Josh has kind of taken it over and calls it his 'office.' It's a library, damn it!), I have yet to devote a post to my papery loves. So here's one!

I read a lot. I started reading when I was two (really!), and I haven't stopped since. Whether my nose is in a book, my iphone, or my computer, chances are I'm always reading something whenever I can. Even the back of a shampoo bottle when I'm in the tub (but usually, I bring a book)! I've come to accept that my brain is wired differently than most, and reading is almost a compulsion for me. It's something I have to do, and I enjoy it immensely. For a while, I had a second job at Goodwill. All those secondhand books at rock-bottom prices were my kind of crack... thanks to Goodwill, I have several unread books still on the shelves to read when the mood hits me.

I usually have one or two books in my purse - just in case! - and sometimes I start four or five books within a period of a few days. Usually one 'sticks' and I finish it quickly, and dawdle with the others until I find another one that 'sticks'. I tend to read a lot of suspense/crime/mysteries, because they go quickly, they tease my brain, and all the bad guys are caught at the end. Plus, they are easy to find - I can always find a good one at Kroger or even Walgreens if I am in the mood for one.

I also tend to go on Biography benders every now and again. I'm kind of coming off of one now. I usually have 'phases' of what I am into. I'll read 5 or 6 mysteries, feel burned out on that genre, move on to 2 or 3 biographies, then feel the need for some fluffy fiction with a happy ending.

These are the books I have most recently read or am currently reading. Maybe you'll find something that interests you. Enjoy!

This is the book that started my most recent biography binge. I remember when I was very little, my Papa had an 8-track of George Jones and Tammy Wynette's duets. He used to take me everywhere with him, and we listened to it all the time. And then one day, he turned my world upside down by telling me Tammy Wynette and George Jones were divorced and had been since before I was even born. I was heartbroken, because I just loved them. I would pray every night for them to get back together!

When Tammy Wynette passed away several years ago, there was some controversy surrounding the circimstances of her death. A good source to read up on it is here (I promise, it's really interesting!): (go to "Directory" and click on "Tammy Wynette")

Her last husband sure doesn't seem like a very nice man, does he? I had the displeasure of metting him once.

All the Tammy Wynette overload inspired me to pick up Mr. Jones' book off the shelf:

He wrote this book before Tammy died, I wonder how differently it would have read if he had written it after her passing? Love me some George Jones, and I found his book fascinating - he lived a crazy life! (It has since calmed down, praise the Lord)

The country music biography high  I was on launched me into this newly released book by Roseanne Cash (daughter of Johnny, step-daughter of June Carter Cash and wonderful singer in her own right):

It seemed only fair that I read it, since I've read one of Johnny's two biographies (I read his later one... I do have his first one on the bookshelf, waiting), June's biography, John Carter Cash's book (a tribute mostly to June, but a great resource on all things Cash), AND Johnny's first wife's (Vivan Cash) book, as well. Of those books, Vivian's certainly paints quite a different picture of things... And I've gotta say, she's the one I believe when it comes to certain things. A lot of people idolize and romanticize the love that Johnny and June had. I don't doubt that it was a great love, especially in their later years, but after reading Vivian's book, I don't doubt for a moment that June was a very manipulating woman... She claims to have gotten Johnny off of drugs, but never really mentioned that she SUPPLIED Johnny with drugs. Yeah. And had a pretty big drug problem herself. Hmmm. That's just the tip of the iceberg. Vivian, Johnny and June all passed away within a year and a half or so of each other, and I reccomend reading any of their books if you are a fan (Vivian's book is mostly letters from Johnny when he was in the service. I skipped over most of them and read the actual meat of the story, which was just a few chapters at the beginning and end.)  I have not finished Roseanne's book yet, although she's quite a lovely writer. It reads like poetry, but I am slightly biographied-out at the moment.

I needed a lighter read, so I devoured this in just a couple of days:

It might not seem like light fare to many, as it's the story of "Stevie", and it goes back and forth from her past (having a schizophrenic mother who threw both her and her sister over a bridge in an attempt to kill them, and then killed herself {Stevie was the only survivor}), and her present (having recently lost 100+ pounds after Gastric Bypass surgery and finding herself and also coming to peace with her past and her guilt over not being able to save her little sister). It's not world-changing literature, but it's a quick read and the characters crawl into your heart and stay there. I really loved it, and highly recommend it.

Next, I read this (also in just a couple of days.)

It was surprisingly similar to "Such a Pretty Face" - wonderful characters, schizophrenic mom, but a very good book in it's own right. Also highly recommended. Most of the book took place in Savannah, and I really loved revisiting that city, even if only through a book. I could almost smell the marshy air. Mmm.

Currently, I'm back into forensic mystery mode, so I'm reading:

...but also trying to cultivate a little bit more of my spiritual side and self-awareness with these two books (recommended to me by Bip, my personal Zen Master):

Bettering myself seems to be a never-ending journey, but at least I'm trying, right? Some never even bother.

Happy reading!

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