Monday, June 7, 2010

What a long, strange weekend it's been! BATHROOM: Before and After

Well, my weekend is still going on! I had Friday and today off - originally we were going to go to Ohio this weekend to get my stuff out of storage, but since it was all delivered last weekend, I decided to keep the long weekend and use it to get some projects done around the house. We didn't get as much done as I would have liked - the Bip keeps getting called away to jobs (which is a good thing!), and I have been sick off and on with a throat/cold/fever thing. Friday I couldn't even get off of the couch. Saturday I felt fine - we went on a garden tour, ran some errands, painted the bathroom - then I got sick again around 9pm. Yesterday  I was sick until afternoon, then I somehow got a burst of energy, finished the bathroom and cleaned the house like a madwoman. No idea where all that energy came from, but it was insane, and I wish I felt like that all the time, you know?

Today Josh is working two jobs, and I had planned on painting some heavy pieces of furniture I can't move outside without him. And I'm also feeling kind of crappy again. So I think I'm going to catch up on some reading, enjoy my clean house, and go through some  summer clothes I found in the garage.

I have lots of photos to share from this weekend, but I am going to devote this post to the bathroom.

The bathroom had it's good points...ok, only one - the clawfoot tub. The sink and medicine cabinet were horrendous, the flooring makes me physically ill.... in short, it had the potential to be a BEAUTIFUL bathroom, but it just wasn't.

In time, we plan to add some beadboard, change the sink to something like this:

and change the flooring - if the original hardwood is still intact under everything, I'd love to use it, otherwise, we're tiling. But those things may be a year or so off, so in the meantime we had to figure out how to make it pretty and lovely for NOW.

 I'm happy to say, the total was very low:

Paint: $35
Medicine Cabinet (Target): $60
Drawer Pulls (Anthropologie): $16
Rug (Target): $20

Total: $131

Here are the hideous befores...

And here are the glorious afters.... between my Bissell Flip-It (fresh from storage) and our Shark Steam Mop, I was able to get the nasty vinyl floor looking better than it ever has. We painted the walls "Love-In-A-Mist" (a Martha Stewart color), I painted the sink cabinet white and added new knobs, we added a new medicine cabinet, hung up a couple of things, put down a new rug and put out some fresh white towels and we can't get over how beautiful it looks! This will definitely tide us over for a while. Not too shabby, huh?

We would have loved to change out the towel bars, too, but we couldn't find all the pieces of the style we wanted to use. Maybe soon. Also need to change outlet and light switch covers, but for now, it's ok.


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  1. It looks great! I love it :) Yes, I think our drawer pulls are similar, so adorable.