Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Garden Tour!

Josh and I had the pleasure of going on a Garden Tour last Saturday (our friend Meredith helped put it on through her workplace), and all the photos can be seen here:

We took about 100 pictures, so I am not going to post them all, but I did want to post a few of my favorites, including some I converted to black and white. Have I mentioned my love for my iphone photo apps yet?

There were 8 gardens featured. One was a biblical garden, at a church. All the plants in it were mentioned in the bible, and there was a plaque at the base of the plants with a quote from the Bible mentioning it. There was an enormous fig tree there full of baby figs, and we just marvelled at the fact that someday, our little fig tree will be growing them, too!

There was even a Japanese inspired garden at one house, including a koi pond and a 'dry garden'. What's a dry garden, you ask? Well, it was full of gravel and had a few bonsai trees and a RAKE. Yes, a rake, which you can use to rake the stones and get all Zen (totally right up the Bip's alley).

One drawback of this tour, though? As if I didn't already have Hydrangea envy! It has turned into a raging case of it, thanks to this tour, and can be cured only by HAVING MY OWN HYDRANGEAS (which I still don't - could you people comment and help me convince the Bip?).

This is just ONE of two kitchen areas this guy had on his patio.

Oh, and here's his pool.

You know I fantasize about Japenese Maples almost as much as Hydrangeas, right? I also have a Magnolia-lust issue, but we will get to that another day.

The most envy-inducing thing of all (besides the Hydrangeas bigger than my head)? These people had not one, but TWO Greenhouses.


The Bipster keeps telling me he is going to build me a greenhouse someday. I just want a simple one, made of old windows and doors (windows are only $10 a piece at the salvage yard!). Something like:

That would be more than enough for me. Just a place to start my seeds in spring.

After the tour, there was a lovely little Tea Luncheon. I was lucky enough to have this guy for my date:

I'm a lucky girl.

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