Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Accomplishments and Manly Pedicures

Friday afternoon Josh got started on painting the front bedroom while I did the grocery shopping. It took him almost no time at all.

In process:

The color is "Chinchilla" by Martha Stewart. I totally and completely love it. Keep in mind, all our trim will be painted white sometime in the near future, so the paint will look even better. Here it is finished:

I really love the color!

I think we could have even went with a darker grey, but I am glad we didn't because it might be a little too depressing during the winter.

I've had my eye on this bedding from Target:

However, it seems to be sold out online as well as in stores. I've also been scouring Craigslist for new bedside tables. I found some that are contenders, I am waiting to get the dimensions emailed to me so we can see if they will fit.

If we are able to get the above bedding, I'd like to paint the bedside tables yellow. I am obsessed with yellow as an accent color. Especially with grey. Mmmm! But it is my favorite color... so maybe it's no surprise that I am trying to incorporate it into a few rooms. And the front door.

Saturday, we slept until 8 a.m.! It felt like heaven. However, once I got up, I didn't feel that great. The Bip kept telling me not to poop out on him, that we had a lot to do that day, but I just couldn't get any energy going, at all. It was like someone had drained it all out of me. By 11:30, I was back in bed and could barely keep my eyes open. By 12:30 or so, I was out like a light and I slept all day, about 5 or 6 hours.  I was tired down into my bones... I can't remember the last time I felt that sleepy for seemingly no reason.

When I got out of bed, finally, I was still tired. Everything I did made me feel the need to sit down and rest. Just emptying the dishwasher was a chore. So, I can't take credit for any of the home improvements this weekend - it was allllll Bip.

He did get the living room painted, and he is supposed to do the dining room tonight. I don't know what it is about me that I am just not happy with any paint colors so far for the living room. I love the bedroom and bathroom paints - we got them right the first time, no problem. The last living room color was too 'baby' blue, and now this one feels too bright. Anyway, I am getting ahead of myself. I loved how it looked with the first stroke...

But as the room got closer and closer to completion, I started second guessing myself.

We matched the color closely to the tablecloth - this was the color I had in my head, and the tablecloth has all the colors that we plan to use in the living and dining rooms -Brown, Blue, yellow and white/natural.

Maybe it's just the trim that's throwing me off? The wood has a reddish tone to it, and nothing looks good with it (again, we will be painting it white soon).

I think I will like it more once the trim is painted, our shelves are put up, and the new chairs (which I just ordered - we will have them on Friday!) are in the room, too. But, the Bip says he's not painting the room again anytime soon, so I have to live with this a while at least - unless I want to paint the room myself.

We're getting two of these...

I can't wait! They are perfect for the room.

I really do think I will like the color more once everything is in place.... we're going for a lake cottage feel, and I really think we're going to be able to pull it together! We should be able too, after all. We do live in a cottage and we're only 8 blocks from the lake!

Sunday was Father's day. Hopefully next year we'll have cause to celebrate Josh's fathering skills, too, but this year we just celebrated his father.

After the family brunch, we went to Target, I wanted to show him a side table I was considering for the living room. We're still kind of undecided... But we did find this big charcoal grey chair. Only $150, and it folds out into a single bed!

I think this will be absolutely perfect in the library! It's a tiny room (about 8x10 - TINY!), but I've always envisioned it with a big comfy chair in the middle. And the price cannot be beat. So I am working on talking Josh into it... It's not working yet, so I guess I need to bat my lashes a little harder. Also, he just looked so dang handsome yesterday. He's always handsome, but I thought he looked extra-gorgeous in that cream colored shirt. Yum! The painted toenails are a nice touch, too. He got a little crap from his family for it, but I dig it and so does he.

The painted toenails started thanks to Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott. We watch their show religiously (I can't help but love Tori Spelling. Josh had no intention of liking the show, but by God, he loves it, too. Their kids are so damn funny, too. They steal the show!). Anyway, Dean always has his toenails painted black or some other manly color and I remarked that I thought it was cool that he did that. I thought it looked great, and I also like that he doesn't give a crap what some people might think about it. Josh said he liked it too, and would be totally on board with painting his toenails. So he tried it one night and was hooked. He even has his own nail polish now. I don't think it's something every guy could (or would want to) pull off. But it definitely works on the Bip! He's got the look and the confidence to get away with it. Plus, it's fun to have someone to paint your toenails with. I see a professional couple's pedicure in our future...what a way to bond, right? ;)

Anyway, I got sidetracked there, huh? Enough gushing. Long story short, we (well, HE) did get some things accomplished (ordered chairs, paint!) the weekend, but we still have more to do (shelves, more paint, switching out bedrooms, etc).We only have until the end of next week to get those things done, as we'll have company for the 4th. Can't wait!

Hopefully we'll make some good progress this week, and I won't be so drained!

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