Monday, June 28, 2010

We now have real living room chairs! I love them.

Still not sure about the paint color.

The lamp and trunk are temporary.

Ignore the part of the dining room table that is peeking into the picture. There is still one wall to paint in the dining room, so the furniture has been pushed partway into the living room.

The white chairs look so good! However, it does not look as great with the brown couch as we thought it would. :( We may have to go buy another slipcover for the sofa from IKEA. This would mean we have to completely take the couch apart to put the new one on. In any case, nothing is going to be done about it immediately.

We also finished the library this weekend. More on that tomorrow!


  1. love the chairs...and from the picture love the color too but color can be tricky for sure!

  2. Is that color kind of aqua-like? I like it! Reminds me of the ocean water from our cruise!! :)

  3. Karla - thanks! Hope you are well, dear!

    Noelle - it's kind of a turquoise, with a slight grey undertone. Sometimes, it's almost a Tiffany Blue, depending on the light. I love the way it looks in the dining room (maybe just the different lighting?) but I am still not thrilled with the living room. I am thinking eventually we might go with a more neutral color and accent with turquoise in there. But for now, I am living with it, and waiting to give my final verdict as the room gets more and more put together.

    I was not fond of our library color either (see newest post), but now that we've got the shelving and stuff in, I absolutely love it. I am hoping for the same results with the living room!