Monday, June 6, 2011

Life Lately...

Tiny figs on our fig tree:

Tiny figs on our fig tree

Pablo still chewing everything he can fit in his mouth:

Always chewing on something.

Saturday we volunteered on a Garden Tour. We got stationed at a really great house with wonderful owners. They even brought out a fan for us. Even though it was a hot day, we stayed cool and in the shade... And volunteering for 2.5 hours meant our tickets were free!

We saw some really lovely things...

Volunteering at a garden tour today. Here's one of our new friends.

Dreamy little potting area in one of the gardens.

Who wouldn't want to live here? Gorgeous.

People get to live like this? Can I? Please?!

We're planning how to landscape the front of our house currently, and I think these lovely little purple things would be great along the walkway up to our house...

Life is good. Summer is here. Dreaming of perfect yards and gardens.... zzzzzzz.

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