Friday, June 24, 2011

I won something!!!

A little while ago, I started following on instagram. From there, I 'liked' them on Facebook. The very day I did that, they had a contest to win some office-supply/stationery type stuff. I looooove stationery (maybe someday I will show you my stationery cabinet), so I "put my name in the hat", so to speak.

And I won!

Here's what I received yesterday from them... so cute (and yes, my dining table is that chippy. I still haven't re-painted it {partly because I'm hoping for a pedestal table to replace it}, so let's just call it "Shabby Chic"... epmphasis on the "shabby"!):

In case you can't tell, it's some lovely fabric covered pushpins (in the cork), plastic clips, paper, circular paper clips (that I think Josh is planning to steal!), and some lovely letterpress cards. It really mady my day. Who doesn't want pretty desk stuff? Too bad my cute little desk is in the garage, waiting on me to get a bigger house... ;)

Like them on Facebook!!/redstamp


  1. Want to be pen pals? :) I'm a stationary lover myself and I still love to send and receive "snail mail". I had a whole American Girl stationary organizer and set when I was younger and I used to write to anyone who would write me back! Haha!

  2. Sure, haha. :) I used to be much better at it, but after I moved to this house, all of my stationery stuff was in the garage for over a year, I think. And now that I have it put away it's mostly out of sight, out of mind, unfortunately. I wish I had a little corner to sit down and utilize all my cute stuff!