Friday, September 9, 2011


Josh and I celebrated our first anniversary last Sunday (September 4th) and it was a lot of fun. We decided to relive our first two dates to celebrate. On our first date (our first time meeting in person) we met for coffee. On our second date (2 or 3 weeks after the first) we had dinner, and then he came over to my house and we watched True Blood. Romantic, aren't we?

We started off Sunday morning by opening our cards and gifts. My gift for Josh arrived beautifully packaged (from here).

This is what was inside.

The inscription refers to one of "our" songs, "You Are The Best Thing" by Ray Lamontagne. He gasped when opened it. He loves it, and it now lives on his nightstand.

He wrote such sweet things in the card he gave me that I cried. And my gifts were just as great. A vintage map bookmark with Tybee Island and Savannah on it (where we got married/honeymooned).

And a wine bottle stopper (like cloth napkins and napkin rings, fun wine stoppers are something I cannot get enough of) with Nashville on it, including the little town where we reside.

Both are from this etsy seller. I have a "thing" for maps (I collect globes) so I foresee having many more things from here on my  future wishlists!

Later in the day, we got dressed and headed out to Batter'd and fried for dinner. I apologize for the poor lighting, it was a weekend of dreary weather!

I had the fried scallop sushi roll (two of them, actually) and they are really the best thing I've ever eaten. First you taste the scallop, of course, then the cilantro and avocado hit you and it finishes off with a note of spicy sriracha. It the perfect blend of flavors.

I could not eat it all and I regretted that I couldn't because I knew I'd be craving it again within 24 hours, and I was right!

After dinner, we went to the coffee shop where we met.

He insists this is the table we sat at on our first date:

I had the Mochahontas (a hot mocha with vanilla and cinnamon) and he had the Indian Latte. Unfortunately, he said his tasted like a cough drop.

We then went home and ended our evening with two episodes of True Blood, our wedding cake, and some laundry that needed folding. ;) Ah, married life!

However, I have to say our cake was great - you could not even tell it had been frozen. It was still as moist and delicious as it had been on our wedding day. It was poundcake with buttercream icing, and pound cake freezes well, so I am sure that had something to do with it.

Great day! Can't wait for the next one!

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  1. So sweet. Happy Anniversary. We've done date night repeats too-our 2nd and 4th.