Monday, November 14, 2011

Gardening with Pablo

Yesterday, Farmer Bleat (AKA Pablo, Pablito, Bleat-Bleat) and I went out to the garden. It's past it's prime (and was pretty neglected this year, I am not going to lie), but I thought our withered peppers with their crinkled leaves still held a certain amount of beauty.


Don't you agree?

Farmer Bleat decided to test them out:


See all that feathery-ferny stuff? That's asparagus. For the first two years you let it grow up like that (only cutting it back around Feb-March) and don't eat it. It makes the root system stronger. Next year we actually get to cut it and eat it!

Pablo was overjoyed that I found one last (unripe) grape tomato hanging out. I only got to pick a few this year because he ate them all. I'm sure I'll grow them again next year just for his enjoyment! I get a kick out of seeing him picking them off the vine himself.

"Please, Ma?"


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  1. omg...this post reminded me about our oranges. They don't need a lot of watering but I don't think we've been out there for a while. Good thing it rained over the weekend!