Monday, August 20, 2012

August 2012 Birchbox and MyGlam

Oh, Birchbox. What has happened to you?

It was a dud month for sure with them. See for yourself. Packet city!


Birchbox August 2012 (the theme was Beauty school, though none of these products really conveyed that for me.)

Caldrea Hand Soap

they sez: A delicious smelling soap loaded with aloe vera and olive oil to soften hands.

I sez: Cardboard packets? Really? The scent I received was Sea Salt and Neroli, I believe, and man oh man, did it smell good. So good, that I used some of my points to buy the full size. This will be a GREAT kitchen soap!

Juicy Couture - Viva la Juicy La Fleur

they sez: This modern scent is a feminine blend of wild berries, mandarin, and waterlily.

I sez: When are you going to stop sending me tiny little vials of perfume?? At least it wasn't in a cardboard packet. Even so, this one smells really good!! I do like it, and will consider buying in the future. It's not as good as Viva La Juicy, but a close second.

Osmotics - Blue Copper 5 Firming Elasticity Repair

they sez: Take a proactive approach to anti-agining with this advanced copper-infused cream.

I sez: I am happy with my Rodan and Fields, thankyouverymuch. This will go in the giveaway pile.

Shu Uemura Art of Hair (Moisture Velvet Nourishing Shampoo and Moisture Velvet Nourishing Treatment)

they sez: Rich in nourishing camelia oil, this ultra luxe shampoo replenishes dehydrates strands/ This treatment leaves strands soft, manageable and sweet-smelling

I sez: MORE PACKETS? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Used these last night and was NOT impressed. For products that cost $48 and $58 for full size, I expected a bit more than the frizzy hair it left me with. Color me not impressed.

BONUS - Schick Hydro-Silk Razor

I sez: I am never one to look a gift razor in the mouth (even though this one looks slightly lethal). I haven't used it yet, I am a little afraid of it.

MyGlam August 2012

MyGlam gave us a whopping SIX products this month, PLUS the cosmetic bag. They just keep getting better!


MyGlam Lipgloss (Glamgloss) in the color "01"

I sez: This is a very sheer pink on, though it looks bubblegum pink in the tube. No complaints.

Andrea's Choice Circus nail polish in Ringmaster

I sez: This is pi-iiiink! You have to see it in real life to see how pink it is. Love it on my toes, though!! Very fun.

Salty Cosmetics eyeshadow in Glama-Zoid

I sez: This is great for highlighting, and has a slight pinkish or violet hue to it, depending on your skin tone. A little goes a looooong way.

Demeter roll on perfume oil in "Clean Skin" scent

I sez: I love the size of this, I just wish it were a different smell. This one is ok, and very clean smelling, but very, very light.

Eclos anti-aging moisture therapy Regenerative Cream

I sez: Again, I am an R+F girl. Will give this away, probably.

Eclos Cellular Activator Facial Serum

I sez: Would give this away, too, but my dog somehow got a hold of it and destroyed it.

The Bag itself

I sez: Cute, sturdy, no complaints.

So.... Who is this months winner? It's a no-brainer! MyGlam wins again! For those of you keeping up, Birchbox won for May and June, and MyGlam won July and August. Step it up, Birchbox!!!

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