Friday, May 4, 2012

Snippets of Life Lately

I am behind on EVERYTHING lately - my DVR is full of things I haven't had time to watch in months, my house is usually a wreck, and my once-empty social calendar is kind of full. I'm not taking enough pictures to document all the happenings right now because I am too busy actually living in the moment. Imagine that!

From the "I love my hood" files: Untitled
Our new logo!
Our first registered Little Free Library is up! For more info, or to see if there is one near you, visit Untitled
Group photo of some neighbors and the little free library. Photo by Zan Broussard. Untitled
A few of us gathered at Valentine's house for a "Cocktails and (learn to) Crochet" night. This is what happens when you put the cocktails before the crochet. Untitled
The hood also had a soup supper/silent auction fundraiser last weekend. It was very successful! Love that they had a sense of humor with the chicken soup. ("The Village Coop" is the name of our neighborhood FB group for us Village chicken people. We're converting folks by the day!) Untitled
After the soup supper, a bunch of us made a trip to Yogurt Mountain! Untitled
And after that, a few of us had an impromptu porch party down the street from me.

From the animal files:
my favorite picture of Julio ever.
We are dogsitting this little angel (Oscar Manchego Chorizo) until Tuesday. Pablo is beyond thrilled to have a real friend.
Untitled Untitled Untitled
The Gibson chicks (and Shelby in the back)are growing up!

From the miscellaneous files:

Spotted this metal rooster in Franklin last Sunday. He really needs to come live in my backyard. Untitled
Also spotted this super-chill (and super-cute) pomeranian named Cosmo hanging out with his fam at a Mexican Restaurant in Franklin. Untitled
new couch pillows!

P.S. You might have noticed the blog name change... FooFoo Shnickens is a nickname my husband gave me. The nicknames of "Bip" and "Bloon" have long since passed. He's usually called Teeter this days. Our adventures are few and far-between (ok, non-exisitent) these days. Thanks, nursing school, for stealing my husband until May 2013. So this blog - if I ever get around to updating it again - is just going to be reflecting my life as it evolves... because it just keeps evolving. Happy Friday!

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