Tuesday, March 27, 2012

All chickens, all the time.

Ten days ago, I became a chicken momma. My friend and neighbor Laura also became a chicken momma, and our chickens cohabitate in my backyard.

On St. Patrick's Day, we got up reeeeeally early and headed out at 6a.m. to hit up the Lebanon Flea Market and hopefully get first dibs on a couple of bantam-sized hens. Let's just say, I think that we're never going to buy chickens at a Flea Market again, for multiple reasons!

We both had a couple of breeds in mind, but there were very few to choose from. We both ended up with the same breed, ones that were not on our lists. Barbu D'Uccle (I've also seen them called Belgian d'Uccle), commonly referred to as "Millefleur" (thousand flowers). Barbu d'Uccles were created by crossing a booted bantam with a Barbu d'Anvers, and it's quite possible we have just straight up booted bantams with the Millefleur coloring. Not that it really matters.

Laura and I spend most evenings now sitting out in the backyard watching "the girls". Laura's chicken, Clarabelle, has turned out to be very social, while mine (Louella Imogene) is completely anti-social and tends to be slightly panicky most of the time (much like her mother). On to the photos!!

Louella Imogene:


Our attempt at "American Gothic" (no pitchfork available, so we used a rake).

Laura and Clarabelle:

Me and Louella:

Pablo meets the girls:

Spring nights:

Clarabelle eating worm treats out of Laura's hand:

"More worms, please!"

Louella being anti-social:

Clarabelle (L) and Louella (R) with Pablo in the background eyeing a squirrel:

Currently reading:

So far we love being "chicken tenders" - the only drawback is they poop A LOT and we have to change their bedding every day. They are still young, so not laying quite yet, but I think that's just around the corner (many start laying at 5-7 months). My dad is building us a big coop that he'll deliver sometime this summer - by then, we'll have our chicken parenting skills perfected and bring four more girls into the fold!

I've got tons more to update you all on... neighborhood gatherings, the bangs I finally got cut (!), my Pampered Chef party, and how I cut a chunk off of my thumb the other day. Fun! Hopefully I can get caught up next post!

Have a happy day!

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