Monday, March 29, 2010

Laundry room redo!

We're making some progress up here in the hizzle! Comcast Internet is is being a little bitch at the moment, so I am just going to post the link so you can see it for yourself. Before, the washer and dryer didn't fit properly, so it interferred with the back door opening, etc. There was an open corner (due to w&d not fitting side by side) where socks and stuff tended to end up. The shelves above were functional, but not at all attractive. There were two mismatched rows of pegs that were only good for drying bras and not much else.

What we did:

One day, Josh and I went to Lowe's for some other stuff, but decided to look at the washer and dryers (AGAIN! We had some serious appliance lust). To our surprise, The set we had been eyeing was on clearance, PLUS I had a 10% off card in my pocket. We pounced.

The weekend after it was delivered, we went back to Lowe's, measurements in hand and found a little cabinet that fit  in the empty spot beside our new pride & joy ( the drawer holds dryer sheets, odds and ends like tools and screws. Detergent, paper towels, and a stash of Girl Scout cookies are behind the doors) and some shelves. We also bought a cuter set of hooks, for jackets or bra drying. ;) Got some baskets and a $5 rug at Target, and used my laundry hamper (that was previously in my bedroom) in the corner. All we need now are some new white (or wicker) laundry baskets, and they will sit on the counter there, out of sight, but still handy.

Needless to say, this is a less chaotic room now, we LOOOOOVE it. And all the settings on the w&d are amazing, too!

Check it out!

Other plans are in progress... We should be closed on the house by end of April... after that we're going to do LOTS of painting (hiring someone to paint all the dark trim white, we'll do the walls ourselves), painting the front door, porch, swing, changing front door hardware, mailbox.... Of course new furniture for living room and library.... I think by mid-summer there are going to be some MAJOR changes... can't wait to show them to you!

We've done some talking about it lately... Our original plan was to stay 3-5 years. But, we love our yard... for the neighborhood, it can't be beat. We have a double lot, and though the house is small (about 900 sq ft), the outdoor space is pheomenal. We'll have plenty of room for a garden, greenhouse, swingset, deck, AND our future airstream (or shasta, I really love old shastas). Plus plenty or room to spare.

Plans can always change, but right now the plan is this:

1. Get house paid off in 15 years (before {future} kids even graduate - this leaves us with lots of money for retirement, vacations, savings, etc).

2. Before baby #2, finish off attic to be Master bedroom and smaller sitting room/office for us.

3. Further down the line, as kids grow and house gets paid down, add a second bathroom upstairs and possibly a sunroom off of the back of the house. :)

So, we might stay here forever. I'm more than ok with that, because we can easily make this house work for us for the long term. Also, living below your means is highly underrated in this day and age where people want bigger, better, more.

Of course, you know the saying "Man plans, God Laughs..." Plans could always change, but right now, I like the way we're thinking.

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